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Training & Remote Assist Sales Support


Online Webinar Training

Big Mouth Direct will schedule webinars to conduct classroom training for franchisees. Based on experience, webinar classroom-training sessions are limited to 15 people per session to invite interaction between instructors and franchisees. A classroom-training session lasts for approximately 1 hour per session, during which the basics about the Big Mouth Direct digital sales offerings are explained. More specifically, the training provides franchisees with the basic information and techniques necessary to sell Big Mouth Direct’s digital services. Big Mouth Direct’s presenters stress that franchisees and their sales representatives do not have to be “techies” to succeed. Question-and-answer periods are interspersed every 15 minutes to allow attendees to raise questions. Attendees will be given access to the classroom-training materials, which are posted in the Big Mouth library.

Online Certification Program

Following the classroom-training session, BML offers a comprehensive online sales-training program with certification upon graduation. This program is designed to require a sales representative taking the course to devote up to 40 hours of studying and learning the material provided. Short quizzes are strategically placed within the online course study and designed so that one cannot proceed to a subsequent section of the course material until and unless a prior section is passed.

Customer Sales Meetings-In Field or Remote

BML management knows that online classroom training, additional online sales training and appointment-setting training are starting points. Once the training phase is complete, Big Mouth Direct sales management will participate in “ride-alongs” if senior sales staff is in that given market to accompany franchisees to sales meetings or with remote assist using GoToMeeting where Big Mouth Direct trained sales staff participates in a sales presentation remotely. Either way, Big Mouth Direct management provides invaluable experience at sales meetings.

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