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Sales Training

Online Classroom Training

Big Mouth Local will schedule online classroom training using the webinar format for franchisees and their sales representatives. Based on experience, classroom-training sessions are limited to 15 people per session to promote interaction. During classroom-training sessions the Big Mouth Local’s digital sales offerings are explained. The classroom training provides franchisees and sales representatives and other attendees with the basic information and techniques necessary to sell Big Mouth Local’s digital services. Big Mouth Local’s presenters stress that sales representatives do not have to be “techies” to succeed. Question-and-answer periods are interspersed during training sessions to allow attendees to raise questions. Attendees will be given access to the classroom-training materials, which are posted in the Big Mouth Local library.

Sales Tools Library

Big Mouth Direct franchisees will be provided with a unique identification number and password to access the Big Mouth Local Library. This library contains many educational and training-related materials and videos. Franchisees will be granted access to the library 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Big Mouth Direct franchisees and their sales representatives may study or review materials to assist in the selling process and further development of the franchisee’s digital business.

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