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Remote Sales Assist Program

remote assist

Big Mouth Local’s sales trainers understand from years of training digital sales  representatives that it takes time until sales representatives master the product information and selling techniques.  Not to lose time, Big Mouth Local offers Big Mouth Direct’s franchisees a Remote Sales Assist Program where trained Big Mouth Local sales staff uses GoToMeeting to remotely participate in a sales meeting.

Initially, the franchisee needs to only master making proper introductions between the client and the Big Mouth Local sales person who is participating remotely.  Then, the Big Mouth Local sales staff, using the computer so that the client and the Big Mouth Local sales person can see each other and talk live.

This program totally removes the burden for the franchisee to master all the digital products and corresponding selling techniques at the outset.  In fact, the franchisee may elect to always have a Big Mouth Local remote assist staff person participate in sales meetings which will increase the probability of success in closing deals.

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