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Experience, Vision, Leadership and Commitment

Our Experience.

The Big Mouth Direct executive team has more than 50 years of collective business, sales management and leadership experience. Our management team has grown, trained and guided regional sales forces. We have also created and implemented marketing plans, effectively developed and executed innovative digital technology. Dedicated to the success of its franchisees and their small-to-medium sized business (“SMB”) clients, Big Mouth Direct’s executive team brings vast skill sets and knowledge to the table. Big Mouth Direct and its affiliates–Big Mouth Local (“BML”) and Biz Data Systems (“BDS”)–support franchisees and their SMB clients in every way possible. With leading-edge digital services and technological platforms, BML is a reliable partner, delivering solutions to SMBs for the last several years. BDS has created a cloud-based, real-time data management and document tracking systems for Big Mouth Direct and its franchisees which is accessible from anywhere at anytime with any device.

Visionary Leadership.

BML, Big Mouth Direct’s production, fulfillment and customer service arm, is passionate about helping small-to-medium sized businesses overcome competitive challenges and survive in today’s struggling economy. To do so, BML’s vision is very clear—empower Big Mouth Direct’s franchisees with a low-cost digital solutions or SMB clients, which create an Internet presence for those clients, effectively advertise and promote their products and services and assist them in retaining their clients. To achieve that goal, BML offers high-quality but low-cost advertising solutions, including SEO, SEM, SMO, reputation management and website design and development. BML is deeply—and personally—committed to optimizing SMB, one city at a time, with Big Mouth Direct’s franchisees.

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