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Internet Marketing

Digital Advertising Campaigns

There are several phases to an effective advertising campaign on the Internet. The first step for the production team at Big Mouth Local (BML) is to create an Internet presence for small-to-medium sized business (SMB) clients. Once accomplished, consumer interest or inquiry into the SMB clients’ products or services must be generated. A qualified lead is one where contact information about a prospect is captured typically in exchange for an offer. An offer, in the context of lead generation, is some type of value offered to a person in exchange for providing contact information. These values or offers are of no value unless people can see them and respond to a call to action. BML focuses on generating leads to SMB clients’ websites, which, ultimately, lead to sales conversions and the attainment of targeted return on investment for the ad campaign.

Search-Engine Advertising

Big Mouth Local (BML) provides the technology and methods for the SMB clients of newspaper and media group partners to reach the vast majority of places people search including Google, Yahoo! and Bing and countless other directories and local and mobile websites. This means more prospects will be the SMB client. BML’s search engine technology works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to bring prospects to SMB clients. In addition, BML tracks conversions from web and mobile search ads—like visits, phone calls and emails—not just impression and clicks. With that information, BML offers the best information available to drive more conversions to get SMB clients better results over time. That’s what SMB clients expect. BML will do all this work and more for Big Mouth Direct’s franchisees.

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