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The Internet has changed the ways we get our information and communicate, and our online behavior has led to a tremendous need for a new wave of marketing professionals who empower small-to-medium sized businesses with digital services necessary to increase their visibility on the Internet, to drive traffic to their website and to convert those new leads to sales.

Big Mouth Direct believes that its franchisees must be on the cutting edge of the marketing landscape.  As such, Big Mouth Direct works hard to provide ongoing education in concert with its comprehensive suite of digital services and products being offered to small-and-medium sized businesses that franchisees will be calling upon.

Big Mouth Direct’s education program provides franchisees and others who may attend the tools to develop a powerful career path in the ever-evolving, integrated world of marketing and media.  Whether web design concepts, traditional and innovative marketing methods, successful outlets for reaching target audiences, and/or how to build an online brand and track consumer experience, Big Mouth Direct educates its franchisees in several specific topics which are key to Internet marketing.

Specialized Areas of Study:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Internet Consumer Behavior
  • Website Advertising and Design Principles
  • Web Analytics and Reporting
  • Internet Business Models
  • Web Metrics and Analysis

During the time when franchisees are mastering product information and selling techniques, they will not be losing time because of Big Mouth Local’s remote assist selling program, where trained sales staff from Big Mouth Local will participate in sales appointments remotely using GoToMeeting so they can present the program while the franchisee will listen and observe.

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