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E-Mail and Text Marketing Campaigns

Big Mouth Local (BML) offers both email and text marketing campaigns. which enable clients to communicate with their audience—anytime, anywhere.   New web technologies pop up all the time, but one channel has stood the test of time–email.  Clients must provide their list of contacts which will be uploaded into the software tool we use to generate email blasts with ease.  Then, BML is capable to run a successful email marketing campaign as well as the option to integrate mobile text, chat, voice or social channels to get even more bang for a client’s marketing buck.

Traditional marketing–flyers, newsletters and print ads–just aren’t as effective as it used to be.  Successful businesses are now adopting new and powerful digital technologies that their audience already can’t live without.  Mobile text is the way to grab one’s audience’s attention.  BML’s text marketing campaigns deliver the most impactful campaigns because they instantly reach the clients’ audience wherever they are.  They are highly effective with over 95% of messages opened.  Studies show that concise messages are fully read and memorable.  Mobile text messages are easily measurable and deliver unbeatable ROI.

Whether email or text marketing campaigns, the key is metrics to determine what works and what most interests a client’s readers by tracking click-through rates, studying detailed reports BML makes available to find out who opened and clicked the emails sent as part of the campaign.

BML can assist franchisees’ clients to organically grow their customer database by incorporating an online sign-up page, Facebook widget or mobile keyword in the client’s email in order to collect valuable data.  Collected data includes name, mobile number, landline number, email address or any other customized information.

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