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Big Mouth Direct Inc. has developed a streamlined, simple and straight forward process to become a franchisee. The documents involved in the application and approval process are only a few:

  • APPLICATION FORM – A prospective franchisee must complete this form and submit it to Big Mouth Direct’s team for review.
  • FRANCHISE DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT- A comprehensive disclosure document, as required by the Federal Trade Commission, will be provided to all applicants who being considered for a franchise will be provided this document. Further, Big Mouth Direct Inc. will mark 14 calendar days from the date the federal disclosure document is provided to the applicant before accepting a signed franchise agreement or any funds for the purchase of a franchise from an applicant.
  • FRANCHISE AGREEMENT- This document sets forth the terms and conditions between Big Mouth Direct, Inc. and the franchisee. Here too, Big Mouth Direct, Inc. will not accept a signed, contractually binding franchise agreement from an applicant until 14 calendar days has passed from the date that the applicant has received both the federal disclosure document and the franchise agreement.

Once the approval process is completed, a franchisee who has purchased a Big Mouth Direct franchise will then receive other documents necessary to begin education, training and doing business.

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