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Customer Service Dedication


Big Mouth Direct, through the service arm of Big Mouth Local, is dedicated to providing courteous, respectful and timely customer service. In fact, customer service is the heartbeat of the operation and that of its franchisees.

Big Mouth Local’s customer service and order-fulfillment process begins once a franchise electronically completed the Customer Intake Questionnaire, which is automatically uploaded to Big Mouth Direct’s data management system. Following receipt of a client’s purchase order, Big Mouth Local’s Customer Service Department sends a welcome email to the client, confirming receipt of the purchase order and the digital services purchased. In addition, the next steps are delineated in a welcome email, so the client understands what to expect throughout the process.

A follow-up welcome telephone call from Big Mouth Local’s Customer Service Department is next. The welcome email is based on the digital services selected, specific questions are asked, goals are identified and deliverables are explained. Details for design and order fulfillment are requested with a 48-hour deadline for receipt unless the client specifically requests more time. From that moment, Big Mouth Local’s production team kicks into gear. BML guarantees delivery of the featured directory listing within 10 business for most of its digital services and products following receipt of all of the information, photos and other materials needed to produce the SMB client’s order.

Clients receive constant email updates every step of the way. An email is sent once the listing is completed, requesting that the client review the work. One round of revisions is processed, and the listing is then approved for publication. Optimization begins the day after the featured listing is posted on the local directory, and the client is able to monitor progress through the online dashboard 24/7/365.

Big Mouth Direct is committed to keeping clients informed and in delivering on our promises.

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