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Digital Solutions.

Big Mouth Direct’s franchisees are armed with a comprehensive suite of digital products and services to sell to small-and-medium sized businesses in their exclusive territory.  This digital menu of services provides an integrated approach to create an Internet presence for small-to-medium sized business clients. The digital services include, among other things, search-engine optimization (SEO), search-engine marketing (SEM) including pay-per-click, social media optimization (SMO), reputation management and website and mobile site design and development, email and text marketing campaigns. In addition, BML’s other areas of expertise are self-publishing tools, content and press-release writing and distribution, newsletters and more. Dedicated to expanding business owners’ e-commerce opportunities in today’s web-based marketplace, Big Mouth Direct’s franchisees will be focused to increase clients’ lead generation, sales and profits to help them remain viable in today’s challenging business environment industries.
Sales Appointments

Sales Training

Online Classroom Training

Big Mouth Local will schedule online classroom training using the webinar format for franchisees and their sales representatives. Based on experience, classroom-training sessions are limited to 15 people per session to promote interaction. During classroom-training sessions the Big Mouth Local’s digital sales offerings are explained. The classroom training provides franchisees and sales representatives and other attendees with the basic information and techniques necessary to sell Big Mouth Local’s digital services. Big Mouth Local’s presenters stress that sales representatives do not have to be “techies” to succeed. Question-and-answer periods are interspersed during training sessions to allow attendees to raise questions. Attendees will be given access to the classroom-training materials, which are posted in the Big Mouth Local library.

Sales Tools Library

Big Mouth Direct franchisees will be provided with a unique identification number and password to access the Big Mouth Local Library. This library contains many educational and training-related materials and videos. Franchisees will be granted access to the library 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Big Mouth Direct franchisees and their sales representatives may study or review materials to assist in the selling process and further development of the franchisee’s digital business.

Appointment Setting

After classroom training and the online sales training program are successfully completed, the Big Mouth Local’s telesales management team will assist franchisees and their sales representatives with the best methods for setting up customer appointments. Big Mouth Local will provide scripts, which capture the prospect’s attention within the first 10 seconds. Big Mouth Local’s telesales personnel will also offer to join franchisees’ calls to help schedule appointments with prospects.
Sales Appointments



The Internet has changed the ways we get our information and communicate, and our online behavior has led to a tremendous need for a new wave of marketing professionals who empower small-to-medium sized businesses with digital services necessary to increase their visibility on the Internet, to drive traffic to their website and to convert those new leads to sales.

Big Mouth Direct believes that its franchisees must be on the cutting edge of the marketing landscape.  As such, Big Mouth Direct works hard to provide ongoing education in concert with its comprehensive suite of digital services and products being offered to small-and-medium sized businesses that franchisees will be calling upon.

Big Mouth Direct’s education program provides franchisees and others who may attend the tools to develop a powerful career path in the ever-evolving, integrated world of marketing and media.  Whether web design concepts, traditional and innovative marketing methods, successful outlets for reaching target audiences, and/or how to build an online brand and track consumer experience, Big Mouth Direct educates its franchisees in several specific topics which are key to Internet marketing.

Specialized Areas of Study:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Internet Consumer Behavior
  • Website Advertising and Design Principles
  • Web Analytics and Reporting
  • Internet Business Models
  • Web Metrics and Analysis

During the time when franchisees are mastering product information and selling techniques, they will not be losing time because of Big Mouth Local’s remote assist selling program, where trained sales staff from Big Mouth Local will participate in sales appointments remotely using GoToMeeting so they can present the program while the franchisee will listen and observe.

Customer Service

Dedicated Telephone & Email Address

Big Mouth Direct’s affiliate–Big Mouth Local– provides seamless “white-label” services to its newspaper and media-group partners and now to Big Mouth Direct’s franchise network. A dedicated telephone number will be available for Big Mouth Direct’s clients. When clients call Big Mouth Local’s Customer Service Department, the telephone will be answered to convey that the SMB client has reached the partner’s Digital Services Support Department of Big Mouth Direct. Similarly, when BML’s Customer Service Department communicates with Big Mouth Direct’s clients, email originates from an email address designating the digital services support group. Further, every email that is sent from Big Mouth Local’s Customer Service Department will be copied to the appropriate franchisee and to their designated sales representative, if any, keeping everyone apprised of all communication.


Big Mouth Local makes it easy for Big Mouth Direct’s franchisees to access boundless information about the development of each client’s project. The Big Mouth Local dashboard enables Big Mouth Direct’s franchisees to view information for all of its clients. Franchisees and their sales representatives are given access to the dashboard to view the status of each of their clients’ campaigns, and each client can access information pertaining to its specific campaign as well.

The Big Mouth Local dashboard gives franchisees access to the incredible detail about SEO, social media, reputation management, website design and development for every single client. Big Mouth Local’s dashboard provides Big Mouth Direct’s franchisees with the information needed to manage its sales force and client base effectively.

Manual Reporting

To maximize Big Mouth Direct franchisees’ sales efforts, Big Mouth Local’s executive team developed a reporting package to provide a detailed overview on a given client’s campaign that the franchisee may use when meeting with that client month’s into the program. The reports will include SEO data showing where the client’s business ranks on Google and other search engines for keywords or phrases being optimized. In addition, on overview of the entire campaign is included showing metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign. The number of impressions, click-thrus, the number of forms submitted to the clients and the number of calls received all play into analyzing whether the campaign is working and to validate the value of the services provided. The manual reports are used occasionally because the much more up-to-the-minute information is available to Big Mouth Local’s via its online dashboard for Big Mouth Direct’s franchisee network and their clients.

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