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We Finance Vets.

We support our United States veterans by offering 100% financing. Our minimum initial franchise fee is $10,000 for an exclusive territory with 10,000 businesses. However, we offer a 30% discount for Vets who pay only $7,000 which we’ll finance. Show real interest and meet our basic requirements, we’ll finance your initial franchise fee of $7,000 with payments of $500 for 14 months which can be funded from your portion of the digital sales. In order to finance you, we are not focused on your creditworthiness. We need to feel from you that you are truly interested and will give this business your best efforts to be successful. Call and ask for Doc Holliday. 888‑201‑7340

Affiliated Partners


Affiliated Partners

Big Mouth Direct is the result of the several years of experience Big Mouth Local has had in the digital space.  Through  Big Mouth Local’s evolution, another affiliate–Biz Data Systems, Inc.–evolved to provide Big Mouth Local with a fully-integrated, cloud-based, real time data management and document tracking system.  Now, Big Mouth Direct is able to rely on and has contracted with Big Mouth Local to produce and deliver orders generated by Big Mouth Direct’s franchisees and to provide customer service and tech support.  In addition, Big Mouth Direct has contracted with Biz Data Systems Inc to provide a  real-time data management system that franchisees can access from anywhere, anytime with any device. With the experience and support of Big Mouth Local and Biz Data Systems, Inc., Big Mouth Direct can focus on its franchisees and selling digital services to small-to-medium sized businesses.

Big Mouth Local BMD LLC (“Big Mouth Local” or  “BML”)

With more than 150 years of collective business and leadership experience, the BML management team has grown, trained and managed regional and national sales forces; created and implemented marketing plans; and, effectively developed and implemented innovative digital technology.

BML’s leadership is passionate about helping SMBs overcome competitive challenges to survive in today’s struggling economy. To do so, BML’s vision is very clear—provide low-cost digital solutions to small-to-medium sized business clients through newspaper and media-group partnerships, through its own business and now in conjunction with Big Mouth Direct’s franchise network. BML’s low-cost digital solutions create an Internet presence for those clients, effectively advertise and promote their products and services, and assist them with retaining their clients. To achieve that goal, BML offers high-quality but low-cost advertising solutions, search-engine optimization (SEO), search-engine marketing (SEM), social media optimization (SMO), reputation management and website design and development which Big Mouth Direct franchisees may sell directly to small-to-medium sized businesses in their territory. BML couples its digital services and technology platform with dedicated, courteous, respectful and timely customer service and training methods to build a network of newspaper and media-group partnerships in the U.S. and internationally. In fact, customer service and training methods are the heartbeat of BML’s operation and its partnerships with newspapers and media groups and now with Big Mouth Direct.

Biz Data Systems Inc. (“BDS”)

In 2012, David Hammer, co-founder of BDS, joined Big Mouth Local, an Internet advertising and marketing firm operating internationally, as its Chief Information Officer.

In that role, Mr. Hammer identified and mastered the technology to fill that need  to build a software system that manages data on a real-time basis from anywhere with any device and arms management with the information it needs to make decisions. Then, Mr. Hammer recruited a team of talented and experienced database and web developers who have formed the core of Biz Data Systems, Inc. (BDS)(also see

BDS has developed a “next generation,” turn-key, cloud-based, fully integrated, and custom-built ERP software-as-a-service (SaaS) application for franchisees which is built upon Microsoft Access web app technology and provides a real-time data solution to manage every process mapped across every aspect of the franchisees business and which automatically function on any device with Internet access, ranging from netbooks, to tablets, and from Apple to Windows to Google’s operating systems.

BDS’ cloud-based ERP software application for Big Mouth Direct is a vital business management and organizational tool that uses common databases maintained by a database management system and repository to provide error-free transactions and an integrated real-time view of core business processes.

BDS software system is infinitely scalable.  There is no limit to how many instances of a web application can utilize the SQL Server back end.  There is no limit to active directory users or multiple calls on the SQL Server.  Further, our Active Directory controls the user-access portion of BDS applications.  We can accommodate one-fourth of the entire world population before needing a second domain controller.

Like more than 40% of the Fortune 100, BDS relies on Rackspace (NYSE: RAX), a global leader for their cloud hosting and backup systems.  Rackspace’s award-winning Fanatical Support® through its nine (9) data centers, optimizes performance of our web-based software applications and keeps everything running 24/7/365.

Data Management.


In today’s fast-paced business environment, franchisees have to be up-to-date and business savvy in order to remain attuned to the market .  One way to do this is to use data in order to make key business decisions.  Franchisees need financial data in order to analyze profit and loss statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements.  Lots of other data is needed to boost sales, discover new target markets, and to adjust marketing strategies.  Big Mouth Direct, through its affiliate, Biz Data Systems Inc, provides a software system that gives franchisees the data and reporting they need to operate their businesses.

Through a cloud-based, real-time data management and document tracking software system provided by Biz Data Systems, Inc., an affiliate to Big Mouth Direct, Inc., franchisees are provided a low-cost tool that captures the data franchisees need to be successful.  With the data readily available, franchisees are empowered to operate efficiently, boost sales, limit IT costs and retain customers. The Big Mouth Direct data management system requires no hardware or software purchases.  If you have a web browser, you can access the Big Mouth Direct software system with any device from anywhere at any time.

Quality Commitment.

High-quality work and attention to microscopic detail define every aspect of Big Mouth Direct and affiliates–Big Mouth Local and Biz Data Systems Inc. From the first phone call to to every customer purchase order, our attention to details resonates in every action we take and every decision we make. Big Mouth Direct, through Big Mouth Local, offers an unmatched commitment to producing the best products and services of its class, with guaranteed results. Through our attention to details and quality control, Big Mouth Direct takes every possible step to ensure its franchisees’ success. Franchisees’ clients will receive high-quality digital products and services on a timely basis and the results they expect. Big Mouth Direct’s high-level commitment leads to customer satisfaction and retention, which, in turn, ensures the success of Big Mouth Direct’s franchisees.

Get Started.

You like what you see, and now you want to get started or ask some more questions.  Learn the next steps to owning your future and becoming your own boss.

Please call Ron Kaminsky, Senior Vice President of Sales at +1-844-MOUTH-DIRECT!

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