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Available Territories

Big Mouth Direct Inc. is offering for sale franchises in various states within the United States.  (See “United States”).  Before Big Mouth Direct Inc. may offer a franchise for sale in any state within the United States, it must comply with the federal and state legal filing and disclosure requirements.

Until Big Mouth Direct Inc. has met all federal and state filing and disclosure requirements to offer the sale of franchises within a given state, this website and any other materials are intended for informational purposes only.

At the time of launch, Big Mouth Direct Inc. is ready to offer franchises for sale in more than thirty states within the United States.  Franchises are offered for geographic territories on an exclusive basis, which shall be detailed by either zip codes or geographic coordinates within the designated territory.

Big Mouth Direct’s franchise program allows franchisees to determine the size of the geographic territory they wish to begin their businesses.  This allows those interested in Big Mouth Direct’s franchise program to join the network, subject to qualification, based on the investment they choose to make.  The initial franchise fee is simply determined by the number of small-to-medium sized businesses in the territory the franchisee plans operate his or her business.  Franchisees can determine start small and later determine if they wish to expand their territory.  Franchisees pay one dollar ($1.00) per small-to-medium sized business in their exclusive territory.  If a franchisee determines to secure an exclusive territory with ten thousand (10,000) small-to-medium sized businesses, Big Mouth Direct will add an additional ten percent more businesses in the territory-in this example, another 1,000 businesses, to offset any listings in the franchisee’s exclusive territory which may be large retail chains, businesses that relocated or may be out of businesses.  That way, franchisees are ensured the proper number of small-to-medium sized businesses in their territory.

Further, Big Mouth Direct also gives its franchisees an option to expand their territory for ninety (90) days from the signing of the Franchise Agreement.  This provision allows the franchisee to approach the Big Mouth Direct business conservatively.  Then, if the franchisee enjoys early success, he or she may increase the number of small-to-medium sized businesses within its exclusive territory.

Learn more about the fees involved with Big Mouth Direct’s franchise program under Franchise Fees.  Anyone interested may directly to determine to confirm the availability of a specific territory.

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