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Rather than starting the business from scratch, Big Mouth Direct is the result of the several years of experience Big Mouth Local has had in the digital space.  Through  Big Mouth Local’s evolution, another affiliate–Biz Data Systems, Inc.–evolved to provide Big Mouth Local with a fully-integrated, cloud-based, real time data management and document tracking system.  Now, Big Mouth Direct is able to rely on and has contracted with Big Mouth Local to produce and deliver orders generated by Big Mouth Direct’s franchisees and to provide customer service and tech support.  In addition, Big Mouth Direct has contracted with Biz Data Systems Inc to provide a  real-time data management system that franchisees can access from anywhere, anytime with any device. With the experience and support of Big Mouth Local and Biz Data Systems, Inc., Big Mouth Direct can focus on its franchisees and selling digital services to small-to-medium sized businesses.

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